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We are so pleased to announce the addition of the Curriculum Corner. You will find endless resources for parents, teachers, and administrators at your finger tips! We welcome any feedback to improve the quality of this page. Please feel free to email Mrs. Amanda Ford with any suggestions.

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Mrs. Amanda Ford
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Pacing Guides

Dear Teachers:

The purpose of a pacing guide is to provide a general guide for teachers in the implementation and delivery of the curriculum. It helps to ensure full and equitable implementation of the curriculum across the district.

The draft District Language Arts Pacing Guides are now available for review and comment. Other subjects and grades will be added as they are completed. The pacing guides are divided into four quarters, one for each nine weeks. Objectives within that nine weeks should all be covered but may be taught in any order that the teacher sees fit. They do not have to be taught in the order shown.

A pacing guide is NOT meant to take the place of lesson planning. Teachers must still develop lesson plans to meet the needs of their students, using the pacing guide as a resource.

Teachers and administrators may comment on the pacing guides, including any changes or adjustments they feel may be needed, by calling the superintendent's office @ 662-224-6252.