school supplies
School Supplies for 2023-24

School Supplies will be provided by Benton County School District again this year!

Wed May 31 09:46 AM

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Help Choose Your Child's Technology

Take 5 minutes to help your child's school make technology decisions. This is an anonymous survey regarding your technology use. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your answers are very important! They will help your child's school choose the right technology for their classrooms. There are no right or wrong answers. Everyone will have a different set of answers to these questions, depending on his/her different experiences. Thank you for your time and ideas!

Mon Apr 24 08:12 AM

parchment order transcripts online
Order Your Transcript Online!

Student transcripts can now be requested online through Parchment.

Mon Apr 17 12:24 PM

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Teacher Job Fair

Be a part of educating the children of Benton County

Thu Feb 09 02:16 PM

VitaNavis Platform
Planning for the Future

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Mon Jan 30 11:00 PM