Regular School Board Meeting 10/13/22

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Regular Meeting of the BCSD Board of Directors
Benton County School District
Policy Site:
Hickory Flat, Mississippi
October 13, 2022 at 05:00 PM

Location : Hickory Flat Attendance Center Auditorium
school board meeting
1. Recognition: Principal Troy Trout, Angie Gossett & 2021-2022 Biology I Students, Adam Mauney, Stephanie Moffitt, Chelsea Jones, Jeff Crews, Melinda Joyner, and Amanda Wilkerson
2. Call to Order
3. Prayer
4. Pledge
5. Reading of BCSD Mission Statement"Equipping, empowering, and educating our students for what lies ahead."
6. Adoption of Agenda
7. Approval of Meeting Minutes
     7.1. Minutes of September 12, 2022 Regular Meeting
8. Public Concerns (Time Limit: 30 Minutes)Comments or concerns from parents/stakeholders
9. Approval of Consent Agenda (only requires one motion, second and vote for all items)
     9.1. Fixed Asset Disposal/Surplus
     9.2. School Bus Turnaround Requests
     9.3. Approval of Donation for CTC Health Sciences/Anna Palmer
     9.4. Fundraiser Requests
     9.5. Field Trip Requests
     9.6. Approval of Recommendation to Proceed with Victim Impact Statement
10. Discussion/Action
     10.1. JUUL Class Action Suit - Attorney Phillip Hearn
     10.2. Approval of District Test Security Plan for Fall 202210.3. Approval of Proposal of Risk Management & Insurance Services: Worker's Compensation Coverage (FBBI Insurance)
     10.3. Approval of Proposal of Risk Management & Insurance Services: Worker's Compensation Coverage (FBBI Insurance)
     10.4. Second Reading & Approval of Policy IHE - Promotion and Retention
     10.5. First Reading of Policy JK Fund Raising - Students
     10.6. Request for Admission ODS-101322-001
     10.7. Request for Release IDS-101322-001 through IDS-101322-004
     10.8. Approval of Personnel Agenda
     10.9. Finance Department Review
          10.9.1. Approval of Claims Docket
          10.9.2. Approval of FY22 Amended Budget
          10.9.3. Approval of Monthly Financial Reports
          10.9.4. Approval to Purchase District Maintenance Truck
          10.9.5. Approval of Atriuum/Book Systems Hosting & Customer Service Agreement
          10.9.6. Approval of UniFirst Agreement
          10.9.7. Approval to Request Recognition Donations
          10.9.8. Approval to Establish District Maintenance Athletic Fund
          10.9.9. Approval to Award Bid #10092210.9.10. Approval of QSCB & Debt Service Transfers
11. Board Concerns
12. Adjournment

Do you have an issue you would like to present at a school board meeting?

To be placed on the agenda of a regular board meeting, groups or individuals shall submit through certified mail - receipt requested - or hand carry a written request to come before the board to the office of the superintendent at least five (5) working days prior to the board meeting.  Any request not meeting this timeline will be held until the next regular meeting of the board." 
- Benton County School District Policy Code BCBI "Public Participation at Board Meetings": (Read full policy under "Agendas & Minutes")