Regular School Board Meeting 01/09/2023

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Regular Meeting of the BCSD Board of Directors
Benton County School District
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January 09, 2023 at 05:30 PM


1. Call to Order

2. Prayer

3. Pledge

4. Reading of BCSD Mission Statement"Equipping, empowering, and educating our students for what lies ahead."

5. Adoption of Agenda

6. Approval of Meeting Minutes

     6.1. Minutes of the December 12, 2022, Regular Meeting

7. Public Concerns (Time Limit: 30 Minutes)Comments or concerns from parents/stakeholders

     7.1. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Assistant Teachers

8. Discussion/Action

     8.1. PRESENTATION: Bob Prescott of LED SolutionsReplacing existing lighting with LED lighting throughout district

     8.2. 5:45 Zoom - ACT Prep

     8.3. School Improvement Monthly Report

     8.4. Approval of Federal Programs Coaching Proposal - Stubblefield Education Consulting, LLC

     8.5. Finance Department Review

          8.5.1. Approval of Updated Travel Reimbursement (Per DFA)

          8.5.2. Approval of ACH Origination Agreement with Unity Bank

          8.5.3. Approval of Monthly Financial Reports

          8.5.4. Administrative Designation & Approval

          8.5.5. Approval of Special Education Requisitioner

          8.5.6. Permission to Request Use of External Facility

     8.6. Approval of Permanent Substitute Transfer

     8.7. Approval of Personnel Agenda

     8.8. Approval of Claims Docket

     8.9. Second Reading and Approval of Policy JCAA Due Process

9. Approval of Consent Agenda (only requires one motion, second and vote for all items)

     9.1. School Bus Turnaround Requests

     9.2. Fundraiser Requests

     9.3. Field Trip Requests

10. Board Concerns

     10.1. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Superintendent Evaluation

     10.2. Discuss Strategic Planning Dates

11. Adjournment