Regular School Board Meeting 06/13/2022

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Regular Meeting of the BCSD Board of Directors
Benton County School District

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June 13, 2022 at 05:30 PM


1. Call to Order
2. Invitation to Prayer
3. Adoption of Agenda
4. Approval of Meeting Minutes
     4.1. Minutes of May 9, 2022 Regular Meeting
5. Public Concerns (Time Limit: 30 Minutes) Comments or concerns from parents/stakeholders
     5.1. Hannah Matthews/Melissa Rikard - Appeal Decision on IDS-003-050922
     5.2. Tammy Barkley-Jeans - Appeal Decision on IDS-001-041122
6. Discussion/Action
     6.1. Discussion/Approval of Request for Permission to Enroll (ODS-001-061322)
     6.2. Approval of Student Release Requests IDS-001-061322 through IDS-010-061322 have all been
     granted releases previously.
     6.3. Approval of Homeless Children and Youth Handbook
     6.4. Approval of English Language Learners' Plan 2022-2023
     6.5. Approval of Preliminary Federal Programs Budget 2022-23
     6.6. Finance Department Review
     6.6.1. Financial Statements for Period Ending 5/31/22
     6.6.2. Approval of Window Procurement & Installation Bid ITB#060822
     6.6.3. Approval of Proposal for Risk Management & Insurance Services - FBB
     6.6.4. Approval of Central Access Proposal for Consulting Services
     6.6.5. Approval of Student Summer Workers Pay
     6.6.6. Approval of Claims Docket
     6.7. Approval of Recommendation for Mowing Stipend
     6.8. Approval of Personnel Agenda
     6.9. Approval of FY23 IDEA (Special Education) Budget
     6.10. Approval of Recommendation to Change Job Titles
     6.11. Discussion of Personnel Reassignment Policy
     6.12. Approval of School Bus Turnarounds
     6.13. First Reading of MSBA 2022 Legislative Policy Revisions
7. Consent Agenda
     7.1. Use of Facilities (1), Fund Raiser Requests (2), and Fixed Asset Disposal/Surplus
8. Board Concerns
9. Adjournment