School Board Meeting Monday May 10th, 2021

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school board meeting

Regular Meeting of the BCSD Board of Directors

Benton County School District

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May 10, 2021 at 05:30 PM



1. Call to Order

2. Invitation to Prayer

3. Adoption of Agenda

4. Approval of Meeting Minutes

5. Public Concerns (Time Limit: 30 Minutes)

Comments or concerns from parents/stakeholders


6. Discussion/Action

6.1. Approval of Cooperative Agreement with King Therapies

6.2. Finance Department Review

6.2.1. Bank Depository Bid Results

6.2.2. 3 Mill Note Authorization

6.2.3. Accept MDEQ Bus Grant

6.2.4. SBAC Program Overview and Interagency Agreement

6.3. Approval of Claims Docket

6.4. Letters of Resignation

6.5. Hiring Recommendations

6.5.1. Recommendation from Superintendent: Add Two Maintenance Positions

6.5.2. Recommendation from Superintendent: Itinerant Art Teacher - HFAC & AHS

6.5.3. Recommendation from Jane Hubbard: HFAC Custodian

6.5.4. Recommendation from Jane Hubbard: HFAC PreK Teacher

6.5.5. Recommendation from Tom Stewart: Technology Assistant

6.6. Request Approval to Archive Zoom Recordings of Board Meetings to District Website

6.7. Request Approval to Archive Approved Minutes to District Website

6.8. Recommendation from Superintendent to Apply for MCOPS SRO Matching Grant

6.8. Recommendation from Superintendent to Apply for MCOPS SRO Matching Grant

6.9. Technology Acceptable Use Policy: Clarify Age Restrictions

6.10. Follow Up: Addendum to District Vehicle Use PolicyClarifies when district owned vehicles may not be used

6.11. BCSD Student Release Policy

6.12. Governor's Executive Order 1551 Indoor-Outdoor Capacity Restrictions Lifted/Graduation

6.13. Technology Fee and Other Assessed Fees

6.14. Amend 2020-2021 Calendar Final Testing Dates


7. Consent Agenda

7.1. Request Approval for CTC Staff to Attend Professional Development

Requesting approval for Dr. Merri Gadd, Valerie Braddock, Tawanda Campbell, Hillary Henderson, Bryan McElroy, Karen Patterson, Laketia Petty, Stephanie Richardson, Billy Short and Rochelle Thompson to attend (virtually) MS Assoc. for Career & Technical Education Conference (July 26-27)

7.2. Request Approval for HFAC Gifted Student Field Trips

Requesting approval for 5th & 6th grade Gifted students to visit Ballard Park & Mt. Fuji in Tupelo on May 10.

Requesting approval for 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade Gifted students to visit the Buffalo Park in Tupelo on May 11

8. Superintendent's Update

9. Board Concerns

10. Adjournment

Join us live via Zoom

Meeting ID: 989 5175 6881
Passcode: xy4H8g

Do you have an issue you would like to present at a school board meeting?

"To be placed on the agenda of a regular board meeting, groups or individuals shall submit through certified mail - receipt requested - or hand carry a written request to come before the board to the office of the superintendent at least five (5) working days prior to the board meeting.  Any request not meeting this timeline will be held until the next regular meeting of the board."  - Benton County School District Policy Code BCBI "Public Participation at Board Meetings": (Read full policy under "Agendas & Minutes")