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BentonCounty School District


Mrs. Sandy Childs-Jones Receives SREB Grant to Assist AHS Seniors

English Teacher, Mrs. Sandy Childs-Jones' received a full grant from for a classroom set of mandated novels for the new SREB Essentials for College Literacy Course now being offered at Ashland High School. The gracious lady who donated the full amount is from Miami Springs, Florida. Her name is Mrs. Joan Koski. She wrote, 
"I'm pleased to assist dedicated teachers and motivated students in achieving their goals. Best of luck to all in pursuing your college dreams.
Please join Mrs. Childs-Jones in thanking Mrs. Koski and congratulating the AHS seniors who are eligible to take the course. They are as follows: Tiambria Harris; Ladjah Judge; Deangelo Moore; Kendarius Reaves; Taron Terry; and Lakiyah Tipler. 
Many thanks to Mrs.Childs-Jones for going the extra mile to help our students!